Feb 12

I Want To Sleep With Boys Like Him

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18yo Thomas Part 1

Feb 12

Sensitivity Daniel: Pen Pal

“Finally I see him!” – Only this kind of thoughts were in my head, when I left the plane, which finally landed. After much persuasion and persuasion on my part, my “princess” finally said “yes.” I’m right all the languishing of impatience, even though he knew that our meeting was purely friendly character, as Stas is in a serious relationship with her and Dan nothing intimate between us can not occur. But I so desperately wanted to see a live human eye, with whom I made friends who, so long after being in my life, was able to take it is important that I vowed to keep their feelings inside and not to allow Stas to him, so it does not harm their relationship.From the airport, I caught a taxi and went to the hotel to freshen up. Shower I obviously would not hurt after such a long flight. Time to an hour X was still, so I could not be in a hurry and stood under the jets of water that ran down my chest and torso, slowly sinking to the member, and dripped with eggs. I soaped his hands, slowly rubbing shampoo on the shoulders and shoulder blades, then moved to her stomach, and finally grabbed the balls themselves. Filled with sperm sacs were like two ripe peach, and when I began to knead them, then my cock immediately took a fighting stance. Second hand I started to drive the trunk member up and down, gradually increasing the tempo. I leaned against the wall of the hotel shower and play continued his dick, which, alas, will soon have to settle for my touch. The veins in my cock swelled, and it seemed that he was about to crack, but, thank the gods, that did not happen, and I watered glass shower stall with his sperm. Having done their dirty deed, I noted with pleasure that I now will be much easier to control himself when meeting with Stas than I would have been crowded with eggs. Domyvshis wiping with a damp cloth and a shower, I began to dress.Since the stuff I usually travel to take on a minimum, preferring to buy everything in place, the choice I was small. Stas warned me that England is akin to Peter and the wind and rain are frequent visitors. I therefore, without further ado, pulled on his jeans and a form-fitting black shirt with red piping along the seams. Well, since I did not take shoes at all, then he puts on his favorite Adidas, which flew, and stomped to the appointed place on the square near the fountain. Leaning on the rim and hear the splash of water behind, and I was terribly nervous. People passing by and occasionally casting indifferent glances at me, or I would not have guessed my deadpan face that back in my wanders an army of ants, and it looks like they are ready to storm the rest of my body and overtake zabivshuyusya in the heel of fear of the soul.As I went through all this in my head, pushed me in the shoulder, and I almost fell into the fountain. Raising his eyes and rubbing his bruised place, I finally saw it – the man who represented so much time. It is slightly different from the pictures, but in reality was even better. He stood in front of me in a blue shirt and shabby jeans and smiled broadly.- Hi! And here I am, in fact, – hurriedly gave it and gave me a broad palm.I reached out, and our fingers finally touched. I hit like a thousand sparks, and my hand went current, causing writhe in agony my goose that shamefully fled from the battlefield, and their pathetic remains of already smoldering in my body.- And here my Dan. Meet – he stepped aside, passing forward the figure in a suit.”Japan is the mother, so it’s the spitting image of Crowley!” – Flashed through my head.- Good evening, my name is Dan. Nice to meet you.Though he tried to smile, but I saw that he was a little uncomfortable with me. God knows what he Stas uttered about me and how to explain who I do this. You never know what his mind has climbed naboltal, and now I have to tell and “remember” sob story about how Stas and I have been friends with the cradle, and found each other “by chance” on the Internet, after he left to work in another country .Seeing our slight confusion, Stas took everything into his own hands and said:- Let’s go have dinner, I know a great place near here.I nodded, and we went down the street. Stas and then chatted with us in two languages, trying to strike up small talk. I even tried to answer something in broken English, but Dan was not interested in me completely, and almost all the time walked silently beside us. I do, if completely honest – strained. Why do it at all brought Stas? You could just meet together, talk. I could look at a sour face and be in a different place …Finally we came to the restaurant, and I mentally crossed. There could be at least eat and fill awkward pauses champ. Everything happened a little differently.Stas, as I expected, proved to be an interesting conversationalist, and we are all the time joking and laughing. In fact, I was sitting next to a stranger, but it seemed to me that we know each other for a hundred years. Dan silently ate their pasta, without taking part in the conversation. But it also can be understood. We chatted some in Russian, and there was little he knew, so he preferred to remain silent.I am referring to the fact that I had to use the toilet, I got up from the table and staggered to the bathroom. Having made their affairs, I began to wash his hands. The door creaked, and I saw in the mirror reflection of Stas.- Well? I have lived up to your expectations? – he asked.- Sure, you just be what you and I imagined – a smile, I replied.- I’m sorry for Dan, he is a very nice guy, he was just shy in front of strangers, and yet you talk in Russian as quickly as chatterbox some, it is clear that he does not understand a damn and nervous.- Yes, I know – I shrugged.We were silent. How many times have I imagined this scene in detail. As we have a moment we stand, and looked at each other and then merge into a passionate kiss, and tearing each other’s clothes, go in the booth, where I was, pulling his jeans with shorts and lubricated with saliva his hole, insert a heated dick the whole length of it bingo. … But this is only the dream of the impossible. I would never make the imbalance in their relationship with Dan, therefore, suppressing the urge to kiss Stas, I came out of the closet.- So what? All gone well? – Dan asked me and laughed when I sat down in front of him.I’m even a little taken aback. I was out for about 5 minutes and now saw before me a completely different person. He smiled happily and stroked her stomach. If he still grumbled, it just would have been like a cat from the movie. That’s what makes a person a good meal! Here Stas returned for our table. The conversation has gone briskly and Dan even started to joke. I do not mean everything, but are caught. The man started to like me more and more, and soon Stas has remained on the margins. We chatted with Dan and Stas stunned view watching us, his mouth open.- Well, fucking yourself. Just huddled in the corners, as two virgins, and now his mouth is not shut.- This is your mouth Deng then something else shut up, but for now do not bother us – I odёrnul him, allowing himself an indecent joke and hope that Dan still does not understand.So we chatted for almost closing restaurant. Zasobiralas home, I started to say goodbye and thanks for a lovely evening, but Dan said:- Stay with us. We invite you at our home.I warily looked at Stas, not knowing how easy it would be, but he nodded, and we went to the place of destination.Once inside the house, I looked at the situation: a minimum of furniture, but all arranged with taste. On the couch lay a pile of clothes, which Stas immediately picked up and carried into the unknown distance. I sat on the couch next to Dan. His man just brought us three glasses, and some alcohol. I do not understand it completely, so silently took proffered glass and took a sip of the unknown swipes. My throat burned with fire, and I coughed. The boys laughed.- What? Too mean to you? – Stas looked at me mockingly.- At the time – I blurted out and proudly sipped again.The second sip passed less painfully.20 minutes later I had a good drunk guys finished off the first and started the second bottle until I hissed his first glass, and has already tried on the third.

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